Cashew nuts

Rs. 960.00 per 500 gm


Rs. 375.00 per 500 gm

Virgin coconut oil

Rs. 790.00 per 370 millilitre

Burger bun (eggless)

Rs. 50.00 per pc

Hemp Seeds (Bhango)

Rs. 115.00 per 250 gm

Flax seeds (Aalas)

Rs. 100.00 per 300 gm

Naagiko Ginger Infused Honey (450 Gram)

Rs. 600.00 per 450 Gram

Energy Bars

Rs. 200.00 per Pc

Ginger Paste

Rs. 190.00 per 210gm

Lapsi Pickle

Rs. 275.00 per 475 gm

Lamjung (Washed) Filter Grind

Rs. 1,250.00 per 500gm

Walnut (without shell)

Rs. 1,000.00 per 500 gm

Almond (Blue Diamond)

Rs. 850.00 per 500 gm

Juas Hemp Seed Oil - Cold Pressed

Rs. 540.00 per 120 ml

Pistachio nuts

Rs. 1,100.00 per 500 gm
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What our consumers say

Fantastic service and food quality!!!! I will keep using after the lockdown. Very helpful and professional. Thanks very much .

Estrella Electricia '`

Have never been so happy to see a beautiful bunch of bananas and big bag of fresh veggies Thank You , @KHETI , for your timely updates and service during the Covid-19 lockdown . Keep up the excellent work.!

Selena Malla '`

I am highly impressed with the products which KHETI delivered to me timely and fresh in such a difficult time period. All the best for your entrepreneurship.

Kamana Magar '`

Received my fresh fruits and veggies rt on time twice…. Thank you for your service in this difficult time !!! Highly recommend!

Linda Shrestha '`

Great service and good quality. Keep the same level of service and enhance the product range . Highly recommended

Binaya Pahari '`

I really liked their products. They are organic , tasty and their response for online service is awesome and punctual .Ordered twice during lockdown and I am fully satisfied . I also recommended some of my relatives too.

Biva Shreshtha Malla '`