Online Vegetables and Fruit Delivery in Kathmandu & Pokhara, even during the lockdown.

Fresh Vegetables and Fruit Delivery in Kathmandu and Pokhara, even during the lockdown

The rapid escalation of Covid cases in the past few weeks in the Kathmandu valley has created a hazardous situation for us to go out and shop for our essential groceries. With the second wave hitting the country and maintaining social distance safely looking to be the only option to control it, you may be having a difficult time fulfilling the daily need of vegetables, fruits, and groceries. This is a harsh reality faced by the households mostly in urban cities like Kathmandu, and Pokhara. As the lockdown tightens and there is less and less window to go out to the market, most of the vendors are experiencing rather a small crowd in front of their shop. 

As a socially conscious consumer, you must be looking for a better alternative for buying vegetables and fruits for everyday use. Not to worry, we have the solution - the KHETI FOOD platform. Yes, you can easily order organic, local, and regular vegetables, fruits, bakeries, coffee, pickles, dairy products, groceries, & more from KHETI FOOD mobile app or website - Ordering online through KHETI, you can avoid crowds in vegetable and fruit shops. Click to start ordering now!

With KHETI FOOD, you will not only avoid the unnecessary crowd and make yourself safe while also being a responsible member of the society, but you will also be opting for a Risk Free delivery. That’s right. The KHETI FOOD team follows all the safety procedures mandated by the government plus more to ensure that you receive your deliveries safely. Here is a complete list of safety procedure we follow:

  • All our riders are tested covid negative. Also, it is ensured that no one falls under contact tracing.

  • All riders are well equipped with PPE, face shield, mask, gloves, and sanitizer.

  • Vehicles are also well sanitized to ensure safe delivery.

  • Contactless delivery is available where you can pay digitally. The delivery personnel will not have any contact with you. 


Are you feeling relieved and thankful that you can now shop for vegetables and fruits from your mobile phone with just a few clicks? Click here to download the app

For all the people living inside Kathmandu and Pokhara Valley, Kheti Food should be your go-to solution for all your groceries needs during this lockdown. With Kheti Food you can reduce the risk of going out in the crowd and can help in breaking the chain. With the cases surging rapidly, we urge you to stay safe inside and order your vegetables from Kheti Food. 

Here is an easy guide as to how you can sign up for the Kheti Food App.

  1. Download the Kheti Food App from your android phone or you can also log in to

  2. After that select new customer and click on the register as a customer or if you want to buy in volume select register as a volume buyer.

  3. Now fill the registration form with all the details and click on I have read and agree to the privacy policy.

  4. And voila your account is created.

Looking for more reasons to regularly purchase from KHETI FOOD? We got plenty! 

KHETI FOOD delivers fresh fruits and vegetables at your doorstep with guaranteed quality. The products sent to you are checked for quality assurance and if it does not satisfy you, you will be sent a replacement. So absolutely, you do not need to worry if you will be sent low quality or stale vegetables. To know more about this, click here

Another reason for choosing KHETI FOOD is that we are a company trying to connect local farmers with households. How much did you pay for a Kilogram of Cauliflower recently? Are you paying Rs. 25 per piece for a lemon nowadays? How much do you think the farmers are getting paid for their produce, and how much cost is being added by the middleman? There are times when farmers only get 20% of the market price while the middlemen enjoy a whooping 80%. Do you think this does not sound right? We agree with you. In addition, there are scenarios in Nepal where the produce of local farmers do not find the market and the only option the farmers have is to throw away the produce while the similar produce from the neighbouring countries find the market. We at Kheti Venture aim to change this by providing market access to the farmers as well as a respectable price for their produce. You can buy fresh fruits and vegetables from KHETI FOOD and help us increase our ability to consume domestic production and help domestic farmers. 

What are you waiting for? Download the app today!! OR click to create an account on our website and start purchasing your regular needs of fresh vegetables, fruits, groceries, bakeries, coffee, and more.

Urisha Wednesday, May 26 2021

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What our consumers say

I am very impressed and satisfied with your timely service along with the great quality of your products.

Sneha Raut '`

Since I started ordering your basket, my whole family has become your super fans. Onetime payment and 8 deliveries in a month is a perfect concept and we love it. Keep pushing your limits. Keep up the great work. We are always with you.

Neil Pande '`

Great service and good quality. Keep the same level of service and enhance the product range. Highly recommended

Binaya Pahari '`

I really liked their products. They are organic, tasty and their response for online service is awesome and punctual. Ordered twice during lockdown and I am fully satisfied. I also recommended some of my relatives too.

Biva Shrestha Malla '`

Have never been so happy to see a beautiful bunch of bananas and big bag of fresh veggies. Thank you, @KHETI, for your timely updates and service during the COVID-19 lockdown. Keep up the excellent work!

Selena Malla '`

I was impressed with my first order this week of vegetables. We've been extremely happy with deliveries. Khetifood is saving our times and efforts which is really appreciated.

Samrapan Rai (Daleen Lounge) '`

One thing i failed realy hard to impress my mom is with vegitable shopping. u guys did a great job.fresh vegges and fruits.keep up the good work.

Ijendra Prajapati '`