Kheti Veg Combo box

Kheti Veg Combo box

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   Kheti Veg Combo Box Subscription   

    Percentage of products in the box  

Intakes Description Percentage
Leafy Greens 2-3 types of Saag according to season (of your choice) 14%
Vegetables 4-5 types according to season  (of your choice) 30%
Essentials Tomato, Potato, Onions, Garlic and Ginger (customizable) 28%
Herbs & Spices 3-4 types e.g. chilies, coriander, mint  (of your choice) 18%
Citrus lemon 10%

Total 100%

 Subscription Box Size Based on Family Members 

Subscription Months / 

Family Members

2 members

4 members

6 members

8 members

1 Week

(2 deliveries)

Rs. 1300 Rs. 1200 Rs. 2400 Rs. 2200 Rs. 3400 Rs. 3300 Rs. 4100 Rs. 3900

1 month 

(8 deliveries)

Rs. 5850 Rs. 5000 Rs. 10800 Rs. 8900 Rs. 15300 Rs. 13000 Rs. 18450 Rs. 15500

3 months

(24 deliveries)

Rs. 17550 Rs. 15000 Rs. 32400 Rs. 27000 Rs. 45900 Rs. 40000 Rs. 55350 Rs. 47000

6 months

(48 deliveries)

Rs. 35100 Rs. 30000 Rs.64800 Rs. 54000 Rs. 91800 Rs. 80000 Rs. 110700 Rs. 94000

9 months

(72 deliveries)

Rs. 52650 Rs. 45000 Rs. 97200 Rs. 81000 Rs. 137700 Rs. 120000 Rs. 166050 Rs. 141000

1 year

(96 deliveries)

Rs.70200 Rs. 60000 Rs. 129600 Rs. 108000 Rs. 183600 Rs. 160000 Rs. 221400 Rs. 188000

Note:6 months and 1 year subscription available on request

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 Directly sourced from farmers 

Functional Food Package

We recommend a daily intake of at least 400g of fruits  and vegetables.

Higher than 400 grams consumption of fruits and vegetables reduces the burden of non- communicable and chronic diseases compared to low consumption.

WHO also recommend encouraging the people towards the daily consumption of more than 400 grams of fruits and raw vegetables.

3- day diet

1 kg mausam or orange ( 6-7 pieces per kg)

200 gm lemon (4-5 pieces per 200 gm)  

Half dozen banana

May include 1 piece papaya

½ kg mausam or orange   +   ½ kg Apple /6 pcs/kg

2 kg Mango or 2 kg pineapple

1 – 2 kg any citrus fruits

Note: Variable Citrus Fruits

Raw Vegetables / Salad

Carrot  - ~1 kg

Tomato= ~500gm (preferred lad tomato)

Beetroot= ~500 gm

Mixed Beans ~100gm

Sprouts (radish or any kind of beans )  1-2 pkts

May include    -  Avocado    - 3 pcs (300g  -  500 g)

For seasoning / dressing

Olive oil/ sesame oil

Pink salt


Mint, Basil leaves


Leafy vegetables – 2 mutha (200 g / mutha)

May include other seasonal raw vegetables

Carrot ---1 kg


radish ---1 kg


Cucumber ---1 kg

Note:-Raw vegetables can be used after mild steam.

Nutritional Information

Vitamin C  ----    citrus fruits, lemon

Vitamin A,B,E minerals ----leafy raw vegetables

Deity fiber ------ fruits/ raw vegetables / legumes

Potassium , Calcium , Iron  ---- leafy vegetables

Polyphenolic compounds  ---- Legumes

Carotenoids ----- colored fruits and vegetables

Essential fatty acid/ omega fatty acid ---

dry fruits / olive oil / sesame oil

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What our consumers say

I am very impressed and satisfied with your timely service along with the great quality of your products.

Sneha Raut '`

Since I started ordering your basket, my whole family has become your super fans. Onetime payment and 8 deliveries in a month is a perfect concept and we love it. Keep pushing your limits. Keep up the great work. We are always with you.

Neil Pande '`

Great service and good quality. Keep the same level of service and enhance the product range. Highly recommended

Binaya Pahari '`

I really liked their products. They are organic, tasty and their response for online service is awesome and punctual. Ordered twice during lockdown and I am fully satisfied. I also recommended some of my relatives too.

Biva Shrestha Malla '`

Have never been so happy to see a beautiful bunch of bananas and big bag of fresh veggies. Thank you, @KHETI, for your timely updates and service during the COVID-19 lockdown. Keep up the excellent work!

Selena Malla '`

I was impressed with my first order this week of vegetables. We've been extremely happy with deliveries. Khetifood is saving our times and efforts which is really appreciated.

Samrapan Rai (Daleen Lounge) '`

One thing i failed realy hard to impress my mom is with vegitable shopping. u guys did a great job.fresh vegges and fruits.keep up the good work.

Ijendra Prajapati '`