Chilli Green (hariyo khursani)

Kheti's special ktm Rs. 75.00 per 500 gram
Model Vegetable-Regular
  • Sold By: Kheti Regular
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    SKU: 200 gm

    Type: Vegetable Regular

    Variety: Kheti-Regular

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    What our consumers say

    Fantastic service and food quality!!!! I will keep using after the lockdown. Very helpful and professional. Thanks very much .

    Estrella Electricia '`

    Have never been so happy to see a beautiful bunch of bananas and big bag of fresh veggies Thank You , @KHETI , for your timely updates and service during the Covid-19 lockdown . Keep up the excellent work.!

    Selena Malla '`

    I am highly impressed with the products which KHETI delivered to me timely and fresh in such a difficult time period. All the best for your entrepreneurship.

    Kamana Magar '`

    Received my fresh fruits and veggies rt on time twice…. Thank you for your service in this difficult time !!! Highly recommend!

    Linda Shrestha '`

    Great service and good quality. Keep the same level of service and enhance the product range . Highly recommended

    Binaya Pahari '`

    I really liked their products. They are organic , tasty and their response for online service is awesome and punctual .Ordered twice during lockdown and I am fully satisfied . I also recommended some of my relatives too.

    Biva Shreshtha Malla '`